The Easiest Planked Wall Ever!

I have always loved the look of a planked wall. The bad news is I am on a tight budget and plank walls cost a pretty penny. I have been trying and trying to come up with a way to make an accent wall in my living room. I wanted texture and a way to bring a little personality to my very boring room.

Easter Mantle

It's Easter! Can you believe it?! I don't have many decorations for Easter but I do love to add little pops of spring to my home. So fun! Here is my mantle for Easter. 

Everyday Mantle

I love decorating my mantle for holidays and special occasions. However, I love even more to decorate it for the other months of the year that I can display just me. My personality and style. Something I can enjoy looking at everyday of the year. 

Chalkboard of the Month- December

Yay! It is December! Christmas spirit is everywhere. I have definitely been spreading
my Christmas spirit in the best way possible by singing loud for all to hear, just as Buddy the Elf has taught me.

The Most Amazing Chicken- Freezer Time Savers

Okay guys, seriously, this chicken is to die for. Love it with every meal I make.
 My husband complains about having chicken in meals because the chicken is "flavorless" even though I have seasoned it. So when I stumbled upon this chicken from Happily Unprocessed I just knew I had to try it. She called it the "Best Grilled Chicken" and from the pictures it sure looked amazing.

I went ahead and made about 10 lbs of chicken. I know what you are thinking... who makes 10lbs of chicken at once?!?! Someone who wants to have some freezer time savers, that's who! After I was done grilling the chicken, I shredded it up, placed meal size portions in separate ziplock bags, and froze them for quick meals later in the month. When I am making a chicken dinner I pull a bag out of the freezer, warm it up, and throw it into dinner! Oh, did I mention it is delish? OH BOY, it is good. We have a hard time not eating it all before it gets frozen.

This shredded chicken freezer time saver can be used in countless dishes. I have used it in all kinds of chicken casseroles, sweet and sour chicken, quesadillas, nachos, chicken caesar salad, ect. The list can go on and on. I have yet to find a recipe that it does not taste good in. I love the time it saves me too. I spend a little time once every month or two and can make five minute meals the rest of the month.

Most Amazing Chicken Ever!
Yeilds: 5 lbs of chicken marinade
recipe adapted from Happily Unprocessed
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
6 tablespoons mustard
6 cloves garlic, minced
3 tablespoons of lime juice
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 teaspoons salt
ground black pepper to taste
1/2 cup olive oil

5 lbs of defrosted chicken **double all ingredients to make 10 lbs of chicken as pictured.

Get a ziplock bag and place all the ingredients listed above inside.

Squish the marinade around in the bag to really get the chicken all covered.  Then make sure to squeeze all the air in the bag out, this will help it marinate better.

I like to keep my ziplocks inside a bowl so I don't risk spilling or having leaking holes on my counter/ fridge. Place the bowl into your fridge. Leave it for at least four hours or even overnight.
***just make sure it is in the fridge, or you will be sick!***

Once you have marinated, get your grill warmed up, place all of your chicken on the grill and grill 'em up!

You can cut into them to make sure that there is no remaining pink left inside. Once they are
done grilling, let them cool a bit. Shred all the breasts up and separate into meal size portions. A meal
size portion for my family of four may be different than yours. I will let you figure out how much you need. Once they are all separated I place into quart size ziplock bags. Then I place all those bags into a large freezer ziplock bag. Label with the date. You should use this chicken within a few months. See this website for chicken shelf life and proper storage in the freezer: click here.

Enjoy your easy and delish meals made with this freezer time saver!
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Chalkboard of the Month- Novemeber

So it is already a new month! How do the months just start flying at the end of the year?
November obviously is all about Thanksgiving. So that will be the focus of our chalkboard this month. I won't lie, part of me just wants to go for it with Christmas themed chalkboards already, but I will be a good girl...

Freezer Time Savers- Hamburger

As part of my "Freezer Time Savers" series I wanted to add one of my biggest time savers; Precooking meat I use in meals. I often don't want to cook meals due to the fact that I don't have time to defrost and then cook the hamburger and cook the rest of dinner as well. We all have busy lives and need help to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time. Precooking the hamburger for my meals helps me avoid eating out and saves me money.